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Everything your air conditioning system needs

For more than two decades Unicorn Autos have been providing high-quality air conditioning services to customers throughout Eccles, Trafford and Manchester. Stay cool in the summer, with everything that your air conditioning system needs, with Unicorn Autos.

Losing your cool?

If your aircon is losing its efficiency, then you may need your system ‘recharging’ (also known as a Re-gas). Each year your aircon loses 10% of its refrigerant liquids, and can also suffer from seals that begin to wear and eventually fail. If your air con isn’t working as well as it should, at Unicorn Autos, our mechanics will fully diagnose and confirm the problem, and then recommend the necessary course of action.

How often should you get an air conditioning service?

Just like any other system in your vehicle, or indeed your engine, your aircon has many different components that must regularly move and that must be well maintained. As such you should use your aircon throughout the year (including during winter, when it can aid your de-misting), and be regularly serviced. Manufacturers recommend an air conditioning service every 2 years or so to make sure everything is in working order.

Our servicing also includes an evacuation of any excess air or moisture – ensuring that your aircon is working as new before you drive out of our garage.

Has a strange smell started to come from your aircon?

Aircon systems can suffer from a growth of bacteria. When this happens, your system will need a thorough anti-bacterial clean with specialist fluid. We include this as part of our main service.

Aircon issues – Unsure what you’re faced with?

Our free air conditioning check can help get to the bottom of strange noises, strange smells and unpredictable performance. This service is completely free, with no obligation at all to move ahead with any necessary services or repairs that we consequently recommend.

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Whatever you need, whether your aircon has broken down or you’re simply staying on top of essential maintenance with an air conditioning service we’re here. Many of our services can be handled whilst you wait in our customer area.

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