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Perhaps one of the most important tests that needs to be performed on your vehicle every year is your MOT.

Car diagnostics from Unicorn Autos – The local garage for Eccles, Trafford and Manchester

Car Diagnostic Test – Fault Code Reader

Modern cars rely on a computer system to operate. Everything from the management of emissions, to engine temperature is governed by the ‘ECU’ (the Electronic Control Unit). Whilst this means that cars have advanced over the years, it also means that when components fail or things begin to go wrong, that computing equipment is required to ‘read’ the data. This is what a car diagnostics test provides. Our car diagnostics tests are handled with expertise, in a garage with cutting-edge diagnostics equipment. From the data this equipment gathers, we’re able to advise you as to what repairs or services are needed to rectify any potential issues. Should work be required, this will be presented in a written quotation that includes a full and final cost (inclusive of all parts, labour and VAT).

Ultimately car diagnostics can identify issues that are going on ‘under-the-hood’ before they lead to bigger and more expensive issues.

What does a car diagnostics test entail?

Most of the diagnostics tests we undertake are to make sense of warning lights or error codes that are displaying on a dashboard. However our car diagnostics equipment can also reset certain lights – such as your service light, as well as altering the level of your headlamps, and altering electronic handbrakes.

How long does our car diagnostics test take?

Generally speaking our car diagnostics tests take under an hour. However if any work if required from what we find, this will add to the appointment duration.

Is there anything more to pay?

We provide a fixed price for our car diagnostics tests. You’ll never pay anything more. We never move ahead with work unless we’ve spoken with you one-to-one to explain what we’ve found, and to present our recommendations.

Are you better off going to your dealership for diagnostics?

No – there’s no requirement to go back to your original dealership for diagnostics. Our diagnostic testing equipment is just as advanced, with ATA-trained technicians to handle the test.

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